[Renascenthome] Founder's Portrait, Inspiring Leadership in Sustainable Candle Crafting

Our Story

Since our inception in 2023, RENASCENT HOME CO., LIMITED has been dedicated to offering a safer and more eco-friendly lifestyle for those who cherish candles. Our founding principle is to let every customer experience the beauty of handcrafted candles through our products, while respecting and protecting our environment.

Our Products - Sand Candles

Our signature product, sand candle, is a plant wax made from palm fruit. It features a smooth, fine-grained appearance with unique crystalline patterns and produces almost no ash when burning. Our sand candles is not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly, making it an indispensable part of the life of urban women and religious individuals. Our products stand out for their recyclability, high safety, and unscented.

Mission and Values

Our core mission is to "Experience the beauty of handcrafted candles made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials." This mission is reflected in every one of our products, which are 100% natural and harmless to the environment, humans, and animals.

Our Team

Renascent Home is a brand founded by Jeremy, who loves life and cats. Our corporate culture champions freedom, equality, and creativity. These values inspire us to continually innovate and improve.

Environmental Responsibility

In our production process, we always consider environmental impacts and are committed to implementing more social responsibility and environmental protection measures in the future.

Customer Experience

Our customer, Vincent Aly, once commented on our product: "I lit my first Renascent candle and absolutely loved it. I enjoy having candles in my home, but once lit, they tend to look messy and burn unevenly. I love this new type of candle that can be used over and over again, burning perfectly every time. After each burn, just dispose of the melted part. Highly recommended."

Looking to the Future

Our goal is to make Sand Candles a unique candle brand, offering more colors and fragrances, and allowing more people to experience the world's most perfect candles. We believe that candles will play an even more important role in people's lives in the future.